Reflections is a compilation of Heather’s thoughts on topics that are important to her and her work, it also offers insights into her own personal growth and healing.
We all feel a wide range of feelings when becoming a new parent. I wanted to share my experience of motherhood that you may be able to relate to.
I define self-esteem as follows: our inherent worth is no greater and no less than anyone else’s worth in this world. That means our strengths don’t make us better than anyone, and our weaknesses don’t make us less than anyone else.
Boundaries are a vital part of the relationship we have with our environment and ourselves. They serve two primary purposes – to protect us from the outside world and to protect the outside world from us.
Relationships are integral to the human experience. They bring us joy, gratitude, support, and improve our emotional awareness.
Yoga is a proactive way to confront pain without having to relive the trauma or even have to talk about it.
As I settled into week 4 of our family quarantine, I was struck with a new emotion. It was different from the anxiety I felt at the beginning of this crisis; I realized that it was grief.