Enjoy a collection of recorded guided meditations by Heather that focus on various topics that aide in optimal wellbeing. The goal of each meditation is to bring you into your subconscious mind in order to reprogram old beliefs and to bring a sense of calm and vitality to your life.
Guided Meditation: Gratitude
This 15 minute gratitude meditation is a wonderful way to start or end your day. It will help you relax and feel the healing benefits that a gratitude practice brings including a sense of abundance and cultivating a grateful personality trait. You will come away feeling calm, refocused with a feeling of warmth in your body.
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Guided Meditation: Grounding
This 10-minute meditation will relax the body while focusing the mind on the healing power of Being which lies just underneath the skin's surface. If you’ve ever taken a moment to practice gratitude, you know what it feels like. There’s an instant sense of calm and love. A warm feeling overcomes your entire body. All of the negative thoughts plaguing your mind simply disappear. You’re reminded of all the wonderful things in your life, which washes out pain and suffering.
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Guided Meditation: Boundaries
A powerful way to mend our boundary system is through our chakras. When we are boundary-less we have trouble protecting our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self from the outside world. This difficulty in protection shows up in the misalignment of our 1st (safety, security, survival), 2nd (self-worth and desire), 3rd (personal power, self-esteem, confidence) 5th (expressing our truth), and 6th (intuition) chakras. When we are boundary-full we have trouble connecting to others which is a misalignment in our 4th (love, relationships, connection), 6th (intuition), and 7th (universal oneness, bliss) chakras. I created this chakra meditation to unblock and realign our chakras in order to create a healthy boundary system composed of containment, protection, and connection.
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