Reflections is a compilation of Heather’s thoughts on topics that are important to her and her work, it also offers insights into her own personal growth and healing.
Affirmations are a powerful tool for improving mental health. If you’ve explored the realm of mindfulness, you’re likely familiar with affirmations and their impact on mindset. Skeptics may cast their doubts, but research has shown that affirmations are effective. I’ve seen the power of affirmations firsthand in myself and in my clients.
In my work as a trauma therapist, I know how powerful gratitude can be. There’s something therapeutic about pausing to appreciate the blessings right in front of us. Gratitude is often overlooked, but it’s one of the best forms of self-care there is. 
I know that many of us struggle with visiting our homes of origin, so I hope that sharing my experience can help you on your journey as well.
We all feel a wide range of feelings when becoming a new parent. I wanted to share my experience of motherhood that you may be able to relate to.
I define self-esteem as follows: our inherent worth is no greater and no less than anyone else’s worth in this world. That means our strengths don’t make us better than anyone, and our weaknesses don’t make us less than anyone else.
Boundaries are a vital part of the relationship we have with our environment and ourselves. They serve two primary purposes – to protect us from the outside world and to protect the outside world from us.