A variety of services for individuals & groups

In-Person Workshops

Monroe Wellness workshops are intended to drive individual healing in a thoughtful and meaningful way. From the serene setting to the nutrient-dense food to the therapeutic content, individuals will feel deeply cared for and come away with applicable tools, strategies and practices to enhance their lives.

Custom Workshops & Lectures

Heather offers custom workshops for private groups and organizations that fit your wellness needs. She also gives educational lectures on a wide variety of topics around mental and physical well being. 

Online Courses

Heather’s online courses are designed to develop deep understanding and practices around select topics. She combines educational lectures with powerful mindfulness tools to create a transformative experience for the community. Participants take a deep dive into each subject where they gain insights into their past while staying grounded in the present moment. They are given specific skills that work to  generate healing and the ability to see their future through a clear lens. 

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Individual Therapy

As humans, we are hardwired for connection, and our support system is crucial for our personal wellness. Often, when dealing with trauma and disconnection, we need to be guided back to ourselves and the present moment. Individual therapy sessions are an opportunity to work one-on-one with Heather to transform the causes of your suffering into powerful pillars for healing and creation.

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