Boundaries are a vital part of the relationship we have with our environment and ourselves. They serve two primary purposes – to protect us from the outside world and to protect the outside world from us. In other words, they allow us to not be harmed by or to do harm to others. 

A combination of vulnerability, protection, and containment are the cornerstones of healthy boundaries and components of authentic connection. We have boundaries to help keep us safe from physical (we decide who, what, where, when and how someone else can touch us), emotional (when other people’s feelings and energy is used against us), and mental (when words, ideas, and judgments are used to hurt us) harm.
Intellectual Boundaries
A boundary system is about protection - how we guard ourselves against others and the outside world as well as containment - how we protect the outside world and others from ourselves so that we don’t offend in how we express our ideas, feelings, and behaviors.
Boundary Series: Emotional
This video talks about emotional boundaries and how we protect ourselves from allowing other people’s emotions to affect our own emotional state.
Boundary Series: Physical
The third video of my series on boundaries explores the significance of physical boundaries and the role they play in the boundary system.
Boundary Series: Spiritual
In this video of the boundaries series, I discuss how important spiritual boundaries are and how they are affected when we experience abuse or trauma.
Boundary Series: Repair
The last video on my boundaries series talks about how we can repair a dysfunctional boundary system.
A powerful way to mend our boundary system is through our chakras. When we are boundary-less we have trouble protecting our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self from the outside world. This difficulty in protection shows up in the misalignment of our 1st (safety, security, survival), 2nd (self-worth and desire), 3rd (personal power, self-esteem, confidence) 5th (expressing our truth), and 6th (intuition) chakras. When we are boundary-full we have trouble connecting to others which is a misalignment in our 4th (love, relationships, connection), 6th (intuition), and 7th (universal oneness, bliss) chakras. I created this chakra meditation to unblock and realign our chakras in order to create a healthy boundary system composed of containment, protection, and connection.
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The most common form of relational trauma is a consistent disruption in a child’s sense of love and safety in the family system. It is through these disruptions and reinforced through cultural and societal norms, that destructive patterns and self-beliefs are born. When left unattended, these perceptions give way to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, codependency, attachment disorders, self-harm, eating disorders, personality disorders and so many other mental and physical health issues.