Here you can explore Heather's insights into topics of wellness, psychology and relational trauma.  Heather believes that the beginning of healing is rooted in the acknowledgement of what needs to be changed. Each video series focuses on content around our inner workings as human beings in order to raise our awareness about our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
Boredom as a Surface Emotion
Before I introduce my next video series, I made a quick video on the concept of boredom as a surface emotion and how we can check in with ourselves to better identify how we're really feeling.
Self Esteem Series: Dysfunction in the family system
This series will address what happens when there is relational trauma or dysfunction in the family system and how it affects the child’s sense of worth in this world.
Self Esteem: Validation for the "Less Than"
If you're struggling with low self-esteem, you may have many feelings of being "less than". Here, we'll discuss why this happens and how to overcome this to build self-esteem.
Self Esteem: Understanding The "Greater Than" Self Esteem
When talking about self-esteem, many people think of low self-esteem, but sometimes we feel greater than.
Boundary Series: Coronavirus Tips
This video discusses how our boundaries can be tested in this current atmosphere of coronavirus.
Boundary Series: Intellectual
A boundary system is about protection - how we guard ourselves against others and the outside world as well as containment - how we protect the outside world and others from ourselves so that we don’t offend in how we express our ideas, feelings, and behaviors.
Boundary Series: Emotional
This video talks about emotional boundaries and how we protect ourselves from allowing other people’s emotions to affect our own emotional state.
Boundary Series: Physical
The third video of my series on boundaries explores the significance of physical boundaries and the role they play in the boundary system.
Boundary Series: Spiritual
In this video of the boundaries series, I discuss how important spiritual boundaries are and how they are affected when we experience abuse or trauma.
Boundary Series: Repair
The last video on my boundaries series talks about how we can repair a dysfunctional boundary system.
Evaluating Racial Trauma: Interview with Kaye Henry & Heather Monroe
Kaye Henry is an NYS Licensed Mental Health Clinician. She has been working in the field of mental health for 15 years.